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Letters to God

Directed by Ahmed Kaysher, Letters to God is a production of poetry, music and dance that showcases the artists’ own reflections on this difficult time through different art forms.

Produced in association with Poplar Union as part of its Outside in Arts Festival, the production features dialogue between the conscious and unconscious self, dialogue between man vs god as a way of redemption from the agonies of this time.


You tube link of the production:

Translation of Padma Shri Dr Soma Ghosh's performance:

O lord! My lord!
Look at me with merciful eyes
Bestow your kindness on this earth
There is no one to give a hug
Or to come close
Where are those lovely words lost?
Your mercy is what I need the most...

Translation of the song at the end sung by Koyel Bhattacharya
The entire planet is wailing
O lord of planets
If your grace is so infinite
Why with tears of anguish the earth laments...

I'm not afraid of yama, infirmity or epidemic
Only if your grace is boundless
Give as much decay as you want
But give with love and affection in abundance...



Both of these translations are done by a spoken-word artist Shaheen Mitul.

Sangita Chatterjee
Chandrimaa Roy
Shree Ganguly
Tanisha Chowdhury
Padma Shri Dr Soma Ghosh
Anayah Nirvana
Anvita Gupta
Niknaz Mirghalami
Srimati Koyel Bhattachary

Will Lawton (Anjali Mudra)
Sri Ramprapanna Bhattacharya

Editing and technical management:
Neel Malakar

Concept, direction and script:
T M Ahmed Kaysher




Venue: From Aug 29, 2020 to Jan 30, 2021 in You Tube Release


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