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In coversation with Sorodia Dr Rajeeb Chakraborty



A highly acclaimed Sorod player of India and a senior music composer Dr  Rajeeb Chakraborty says in a very personal conversation with Saudha that he finds enormous pleasure when he plays for non-technical people. He says "My aim is to build up a heart-to-heart connection and that's perhaps the main philosophical objective of music. No musician intends to sit for test any more in front of some so called Pundits who are just focused into what you have deviated from the rule instead of the ambience of spirituality that a musician always perseveres to create".

In a very personal interview at Bolton on 6 March 2020, he says, "For the sake of the expansion of the network of Indian classical music, it has to come out of the circle of Pundits and connect the audience who perhaps doesn't have particular sense of technicalities but can measure the impact of certain sound and music in their hearts.

He continues, "There is nothing to create as new now-a-days in that sense. But still all musicians need to develop their own signature, otherwise they will go to oblivion. So I think we need to contemplate on our personal journey and personal experiences that we gain through many other things in our lives. And if this gets reflected in our music or whatever art form we produce , it has to be different, it will eventually mark a signature-line in everything we create, 

In praising immensely of his contemporary artist Ustad Rashid Khan, he says "I am ready to swap every academic skill, knowledge etc. or whatever I have achieved so far just with Rashid's (a god-gifted singer, according to him) meditative movement through notes and swaras. I would feel extremely lucky if I had been given that gift in my voice". 

Talking about commercial mindset of artists, Dr Rajeeb Chakraborty says  "All musicians are involved with number of charity activities as they are the most sensitive human-beings, Some of those activities may be short-visioned  but many musicians do things with  long term vision but a professional musician has his/her family to look after, too. And as I am growing older, as quite a senior musician now, I also have to  think about the young artists who are intending to take music as profession. If I, as a musician with this lenght of experience can be afforded without a moderate fee, the immediate impact will fall on the emerging young musicians, they will struggle to survive and may choose other profession instead of music, in the end.

An award-winniing photographer Pablo Khaled and Nishat Afza took part in this comversation along with the director of Saudha Ahmed Kaysher.  

Venue: From Mar 6, 2020 to Mar 30, 2020 in Bolton


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