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World Poetry and Indian Classical Music Festival, Leeds

LeedsSaudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music presents a two-day festival of world poetry and Indian classical music featuring Saudha's hypnotic concerts of classical (Kheyal) and semi-classical music(Thumri, Dadra, Ghazal etc) intertwining seamlessly with traditional poetry (Keats, Hafiz, Tagore, Ghalib, Neruda, Lorca etc) and ardently evocative form of dance Kathak as well as independent sessions of world-poetry from eight different languages by local poets along with brief talks on contemporary trend of poetry and Indian classical music. 
The event will start at 16.30pm each day and finish at 21.00pm.
Few of the well-known interpreters of Indian Classical Music that includes Chandra Chakraborty (Vocal), Kamalbir Singh (Violin), Sanju Sahai(Tabla), Sumana Mallik Basu (Vocal) and eminently demonstrative Kathak dancer Jaymini Sahai will perform in Saudha's profoundly experimental and extremely captivating event (different renditions on both days). The festival was counted as one of the top-ten events in Leeds last year.
Please contact 07828190551 for more information.

The Guardian of the North, Yourkshire Evening Post has done a wonderful coverage on Saudha's festival:



Venue: From Sep 13, 2014 to Sep 14, 2014 in Seven Arts, Leeds


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